I no longer get the paper so I don't have acescs to those coupons (and I know from experience my paper doesn't publish enough good coupons to make the subscription worthwhile). We used to get a weekly flier with coupons in it and they stopped that. I don't get any magazines with coupons. I have no intention of  buying' coupons by mail. Years ago I saved lots of money with coupons and with kids in the house we went through tons of stuff. Now I just try to pick up loss leaders, like yesterday picked up 10 boxes of a frozen item that was marked down to Walmart prices and then the grocery ad had a coupon for another $5 off if I bought 10 of the products. Since I would buy them all eventually, I got 10 then and ended up saving over $9 total. I wish I could do more, but I have to tell myself I'm doing the best I can and that is what is important.

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